Alex Elfving Pocket part

Call us biased but this is one of our favorite parts to come out in 2021. Great style and a well-rounded trick arsenal make it a treat to watch. The Bryggeriet Prodigy can do it all. Let his skating speak for himself and if you want to find out more about Alex, scroll down to read his Interview that comes along with this part. Enjoy. 

Motion Graphics by Yannick Stechmeyer-Emden 

Alex! How are you and where are you at right now?
I’m good, right now I’m chillin’ in Malmö for a bit.

What’s up in Malmö?
Just visiting homies! My family had corona when I got back from SF so I had to stay away from home. Might as well go down South and chill with the homies and skate the new Bryggeriet park.

Damn, I hope your family is fine! 
Yeah they are fine now! 

Saw the new park, looks amazing. Do you go to Malmö frequently?
Nah not really, since I moved away from there I go there 1-2 times a year. So not often at all.


Let’s give some information on why you used to live in Malmö?
I used to live in Malmö because of Bryggeriet! It’s like a normal school, but for skaters. It can be hard to combine school with skating but not if you go there. Then you get the opportunity to skate all the time and finish school with a degree. I moved there by myself in 2015 when I was 15, about to turn 16. 

Where did you stay? Does it have a boarding school-like program?
It’s not a boarding school, so you have to get a place to stay by yourself. I had some relatives about one hour away from Malmö, so first I moved in with them for a couple of weeks. But as soon I started to get to know everybody from my class I realized that all the Norwegians have bought their own apartment – I was tripping! So after a while, I could move in with one of them so I didn’t have to travel two hours or more every day just to go to school, haha. 

That sounds like a super good time! 
When did you graduate there? 
I graduated in 2018, so almost 4 years ago. That’s crazy.


You went to the same class as Karl Berglind & Heitor Da Silva. That sounds like a fun environment. 
It’s a “normal” school, but it looks a bit more relaxed and some teachers also skate, right? What was the biggest difference to the school you went to before except being able to skate every day?
Wow, it’s a big difference! Yeah, that’s right. Just having teachers know about skateboarding is crazy to me. The school I went to before in my hometown was stupid, not one teacher cared about you. They were just there for work. But Bryggeriet you get a personal relationship with the teacher because they are interested in your skating and at the same time they want you to finish school, so it’s like best of both worlds. They know that you are a skater and kind of lazy. So they don’t put pressure on you. Then I feel like I must do something at least to not get anxious about going to school doing nothing.

I always thought trapping children in a classroom for 5-9 hours a day can’t be good. I imagine skating a perfect park in between classes must make it easier to concentrate during class. Would you agree?
Yea 100%. It almost feels like you owe the teacher to make it out, you know?

That’s an interesting perspective that could not be further apart from most teacher-pupils experiences that usually occur except for very special teachers. How many classes and age groups are there?
It’s the age group from 15 to 19 and I think 2 classes for each age group. It’s like high school, you go there for 3 years before maybe getting into university.


But now you do not live in Malmö anymore. I remember you told us how much time it took you to get home after the Mallorca trip. Where exactly do you live and how far is that away from the next major city?
I live in my hometown Sundsvall, in the Northwest part of Sweden. Around 3-4 hours by car from Stockholm and I always fly from/to Stockholm, so kind of a mission to get home. 

If you could pick any city, where would you move to right now?
Right now I would say Barcelona because of the Winter in Sweden. Winter in Scandinavia is too much, haha. But in the Summer it’s good, then I would prefer to live in Malmö.

Any plans on moving to another city sometime soon?
Hopefully sooner than later but I’m not trying to rush anything. I want to be comfortable where I’m at before I get my own crib. But it would be exceptional for traveling. 

It’s been back-to-back trips for you, right?
Yup, haha. It’s been hectic. Went to Porto and Vigo with the Titus crew for 12 days then straight to Mallorca with you guys from Pocket for 10 days or something, got home chilled for 2-3 days then straight to San Francisco for 3 weeks. Best of times, though! 


What do you think is the ideal length for a trip? 
I would say around 10 days, 2 weeks is enough maybe.

Was it your first time in the states? What surprised you and what was just as expected? 
I have been to the states before but never to California. But it was so fun! One thing that surprised me was the junkies and homeless… damn so many everywhere, it sucked to see. But the food was just as expected, loved it.

You are into Burgers and Pizza, but there is a reason behind that. Do you want to share the backstory? Haha, sure! It’s just that it’s the easiest for me to eat. I got a lot of allergies so certain food I’m not even sure if I can eat. It can be really shitty sometimes on trips. I feel like the bum who just wants to eat one thing, but that’s not the case. If I could I would eat everything!

How heavy/dangerous are the allergies?
It was way heavier when I was younger. I had to take injections from when I was 13 to 18 to reduce it. It’s called Allergen Immunotherapy. It could be everything from a swollen throat and I can’t breathe to my whole skin is itching, almost feeling like I am burning and then I turn into a tomato, haha! 
But now it’s better and I’m super precise with what I eat, hate to risk shit. So it could be dangerous for my well-being, for sure. There are a lot of things that are good for me that I can’t eat, so I got to eat my vitamins. 


Sounds super scary. Must have been a rough way of figuring all that out.
Yea it’s been crazy. But now I figure it all out and I’m pretty sure on what I can and can not eat. Or at least what I shouldn’t eat or react to. 

Ludi said you are super tidy and clean. 
He said you would iron your bed sheets before going to bed? 
Naah that’s CAP, haha! I’m tidy and clean of course but iron my bedsheets before bed? Haha!

Ok, I just made that up, but for real he said you would put perfume on before going to bed? Who do you want to hook up with while dreaming?
Haha wow, yeah maybe that’s weird I don’t know but it can really stink when you are sharing a room with someone. And I rather sleep in little scent of cologne then sweaty smell.

Feel that, who has the best and worst scent on a Titus tour?
Haha, bruh what kind of question is this? I don’t know and I don’t wanna put anyone under the bus, man…


Congratulations. You just won the loyalty test and avoided this nasty trap! 
We are really hyped on your new part! Do you enjoy working on video parts?
Aye appreciate it! Yes for sure I love it, the best of times traveling to different countries with the homies always.

Do you feel pressure like needing to step up from the last one you put out?
Maybe a little bit, you always want to do better than last time. But I want to mix it up a little bit too. Don’t need to be better but more diverse trick selections from the last one.

Which clip worked out the quickest and which took the longest? 
The Manual Frontside Flip was the quickest one I think, maybe 5 tries or something? But the Frontblunt down the hubba took the longest FOR SURE! Went back 4 or 5 times. It was a mission but worth it in the end.

Manny trick worked out the quickest?! And yes worth it, the Frontblunt got on the cover, S/O SOLO!
Do you want to be involved in the editing process or do you just leave that to the editor and see what comes out?
Maybe a little bit, it’s not important to me but I like to see a little preview on it before it releases. Maybe I come up with some ideas to put in there 


Tell us something you do or like that most people would not expect of you.
Hmm, that’s a hard one from my perspective. If I don’t skate I don’t do shit most of time. I really like to be outside, in the forest or hiking up a mountain or something. 

This one wraps up 2021 pretty well for you I would say. Even though making plans wasn’t really a thing for the last 2 years, what’s your plan for 2022?
Same as the last 2 years I would say, wing it! don’t really have anything planned but I hope things are coming up and I try to take every opportunity that I get to go out skate.

We’ll go back to watching your part. Thanks Alex! 
Any shout-outs?
Yes, for sure! Especially I want to thank Ludi for always being down to film and keeping me motivated. Wouldn’t be possible without his motivation. Also, I want thank my sponsors, the guys over at Titus and Colin Kennedy from Nike SB for always keeping me fresh. And a huge shout out to my FAM, mom, dad, lil sister, my grannies and grandfathers for always believing in me to do this skateboarding shit, love y’all.