The 10-day Vans Europe Germany tour for the launch of the Vans Chris Pfanner Slip-On Pro ended last Saturday, on the 19th of May 2018, with the final tour stop in Chris’ home base Nuremberg.

The squad consisted of Chris Pfanner himself, Nick Bax, Joscha – Bonez – Aicher, Martino Cattaneo, Kalle Wiehn, Jan Hoffmann, filmer Max Pack and photographer Davy Van Laere.

The streets were killed in the afternoon before the crew moved on to end the session at Nuremberg’s famous museum spot. Subsequently, they went to the “Eisdiele”, where the shoe launch started at 7 pm. Work by Christoph Maderer and Matthias Welker was on display, showcasing photos of Pfanner. In addition to that, the man himself also exhibited his own photos (#pfanngles).

To round out the evening, there was a premiere of the VANS SPINNING AWAY video and music by MELASOUL.

Check out Vans Europe for more information on the Vans Chris Pfanner Slip-On Pro.

Photography: Davy Van Laere