Local crews are an crucial part of skateboard culture. This is how it starts. You’re with your homies, every day. Skateboarding and kicking it. You pick a name, now it gets real. You film each other, make little edits. Maybe even produce a run of stickers. It’s a bond. You skate your home town, know all the spots. Of course, the time comes and you want to explore. Buy a group ticket (or maybe don’t) to take the train to the next city. Cop a cheap flight to Barcelona, a dream becomes true.  Oh what a time, oh what a feeling. Hold on to it and keep the crew tight. DSHILD crew from Saarbruecken, in the South-West of Germany, is keeping it tight for years already. They don’t only skate and make videos as their creative activities expand into the music world. The crew took a couple of trips to Frankfurt to film for their new “DSHILD FFM” video. We joined them for a weekend to document their lifestyle. Skate, film, chill, check footage, make music. Repeat. A different look from your average story skate mags feature. But it’s worth checking out. Because crews are a fundamental part of skateboarding, we wanted to give DSHILD an outlet. Enjoy their latest video and the photos alongside.
Video: Nils Zoican
Photos & Words: Johannes Schön
FEATURING: Marvin Rausch, Jason Simon, Denis Puchala, Nils Zoican, Modo
Matinda, Tim Laux, Julian Strass, Vincent Van Essen, Tim Jakob