We are happy to share “Eichel Gang’s” latest video with you. The notorious gang from Nuremberg/Franconia delivers a high quality video with parts of Timmo König, Stephan Pöhlmann, Luan Juseni, Robert Förder, Frank Heger + Max Hecht, Utzi and Max Gessner beautifully put together by Max Strauss.
You know we like locals crews getting after it, especially when presented in an eye-pleasing manner. Enjoy this gallery and make sure to watch this one before you go skate.

Feat: Stephan Pöhlmann, Timmo König, Frank Heger, Max Gessner, Robert Förder, Max Hecht, Matthias Fuchs, Luan Juseni and Utzi

Video by Max Strauß
Titles by French