Every skateboarding tour is pretty much the same. You wake up, wait for everyone to get ready, go skate some spots, come home, drink beer and go to bed – And this for about 7 days in a row. On top of that, you eat loads of unhealthy stuff, spend hours in a van and consume more coffee than you should.

Doesn’t sound like holidays at all and is pretty exhausting to be honest. But the reward is high: Minutes and minutes of new footage.

After releasing ‚Daggers‘ and ‚Street Patrol‘ we don’t want people to be waiting too long, so it was time for another Favorite Skateboards trip. For a new project you always need a solid footage basis, so Madrid was our destination of choice. Perfect weather & numerous perfect spots, that’s all we needed to get the timecode running.

Although tours like that are hard “work“, as already mentioned, each of them is special in it’s very own way. The gang sticks together, runs gags, gets established and explores unknown territory as a crew to make the best memories.

But let’s give the word to the Squad:

“I liked the all-around bavarian vibes on this trip. And the amount of beer we consumed. It sucked that the van had no windows in the back though, haha. I will always remember how Mario killed everything after his long injuries, it’s good to see him back in the game. My other memories: Fotobonez, Skaterbonez, Filmerbonez, Musicbonez, Economybonez, Partybonez!“

– Joscha “Bonez“ Aicher


“Madrid was the bomb! Although a whole week of skate mission can be quite tough, everything was going super smooth. The trip was on point and the vibes went through the roof. What stoked me the most was definitely Mario as he killed every spot with the hardest tricks, and all that after his long pause due to the ACL injury.“

– Michel Funke

FS 5-0

“The van with only two windows really was the worst part of the tour, I guess that says a lot. Spots were insane and we didn’t get kicked out even once. The level of stoke was high all the time so the week got pretty productive. The crew was the best!“

– Mario Ungerer


“The tour specials were the apartment’s greasy sandwich toaster, the questionable spanish nutrition causing terrible flatulences, a top-notch tour organization by our team captains and the uncountable amount of beer cans. But without a doubt, my highlight was the unbelievable performance by the one and only Mario Ungerer – And the final team dinner at Burger King & KFC. Thanks Madrid!“

⁃ Thomas Eckert


“The setting was perfect: Our whole team perfectly healthy and highly motivated, a fat spotmap, ideal weather and two VX1000s. I definitely reached my limits as a filmer throughout this week, haha. Madrid has super nice spots and a unique flair, the scene makes a very healthy impression and everyone we met supported us in some kind of way. Go to Madrid!“

⁃ Nico Kasterke


“I was so happy to see Mario being able to go all in again after all… He killed it! I enjoyed the evening hang outs in our apartment: Skate videos, music, card games, beer pong. It just never got boring! And props to Nico who handled 6 skaters pretty much on his own. He has legs of steel now!“

⁃ Daniel Ledermann

BACK 180

“The city is just the best. The most welcoming locals and some of the greatest spots you can find. Throw in the Favorite gang and it’s a match! Plaza Dos de Mayo is the place to be at night. And Mario is a beast!“

⁃ Thomas Tö Friedl