Followed: Bryggeriets Gymnasium

Join us for this special edition as we get insights into a regular day at the Bryggeriets Gymnasium from three perspectives. The school is well known for some of its former students like Heitor da Silva, Oskar Rozenberg, Didrik Galasso, Hermann Stene, Ville Wester, Sarah Meurle, Simon Isaksson, Tor Ström and many more.
First up is the person who used to teach all of them: vice-principal and Swedish skateboard legend John Dahlquist. He gives us a tour of the facilities and shares some of his experience from the past 16 years. After that, we will take a look at the student’s perspective with Vilma Stal, who is currently in her last year. She skips her daily nap to unbox her first Polar Skate Co. package that she coincidentally received that day before skating the park during her break. Last but not least we pass the mic to Steffen Austerheim, who bridges the gap between both characters before him, since he used to go to Bryggeriets and now works as a skateboard teacher alongside John. We could go on for a long time. Our experiences at this school were magical and we hope this episode transports some of this magic right to you.

Filmed by Johannes Schön
Edited by Bennet Rahm
Motion Graphics by Stephan Pöhlmann