Followed: Franky Villani

Franky might be one of the most interesting characters in Skateboarding right now. When we met he just came back from Australia, super jet-lagged. But still, he looks magical on the board. We followed him along to skate Cherry Park, get some Acai, swing by at the NB# headquarter und to talk about all kinds of stuff.
Also, thank you for trying “to make us feel like home” by playing ‘Scooter’, just some Sauerkraut missing to complete the experience.

Enjoy Followed: Franky Villani

Featuring: Franky Villani, Chad Tim Tim, Sebastian Palmer, Jeff Mikut & Eliane Castiglione.

Filming: Johannes Schön
Editing: Bennet Rahm
Intro Animation: Stephan Pöhlmann