Help Tarek beat stage 4 cancer, stuck due to Covid

As skateboarders we are a global family. When it comes to helping each other, we don´t think twice to use our platform to help.

hat’s why we wanted to share this email we received from Lea, who is fighting for her boyfriend who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer and lung metastasis. Please read below and in case you can afford to, consider donating. If not, sharing doesn’t cost you anything and can help a lot. Sharing is caring. Let’s care for each other.

I’m Lea, a Belgian-Korean freelance Vice producer currently residing in Seoul.
I’m contacting you regarding my 27-year-old boyfriend Tarek who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer and lung metastasis. He was supposed to fly back to Morocco to get treatment but then Morocco suspended all international flights due to Covid-19. Ever since then, we’ve been in contact with his embassy who’s been updating us on the situation but it seems unlikely that borders will open anytime soon. 
Unable to afford treatment in Korea, I started a GoFundMe campaign through which we asked family, friends, co-workers and fellow skaters to donate and share the campaign as much as possible. Thanks to the donations we’ve received so far, Tarek was able to get his first surgery and two chemotherapy cycles. Tarek still needs at least four more chemotherapy cycles. Without insurance here, one cycle can amount to approx. 6,500 USD. 
_VANS PARTNERSHIP_From June 19 until July 20th
, for a duration of a month, VANS KOREA has vowed to match donations to Tarek’s GoFundMe campaign. Every donation made, either made in Korea or elsewhere in the world, will be matched by the brand. The matching campaign is also supported by the amazing local skate community Daily Grind.
It would be amazing if you could share this news with the Pocket community so we can reach the fundraising goal!
Thank you so much, 

GoFundMe – Help Tarek Beat His Cancer