HOMEWORK – Feels like a three year vacation

Bryggeriets gymnasium has a long tradition of connection with the so called real world as part of their education. This year their students went above and beyond in collaboration with Swedish CHPO Brand and British Lovenskate, creating sunglasses and a series of boards and t-shirts.

Stu Smith and Viktor Teligin mentored the students in the process using their respective brands as platforms for their work. The assignments went from pitching ideas to designing graphics and glasses, conceptualizing ideas all the way to writing cop write and marketing the products to distributors and shops. 

Along with the products the class produced a video in film class with Phil Evans, filmmaker turned teacher. The result can be viewed here on Pocket today. 

The copy write gives a small glimpse into the project and the students´ opinion of their education:

Everybody loves a sweet vacation, lying poolside in the shade of a palm tree. The sun bursting from a clear blue sky, an ice-cold drink cools down your body. Your bathing suit is slowly forming a sharp tan line on your waist. 

Mmmmh, complete freedom.

Everybody loves a sweet School Day, waking up to an ocean full of wavy obstacles and school assignments. Surfing smooth poolcopings during the ten-minute break with close friends from all of Scandinavia.

Beautiful tanned toast from the school café crushing through your teeth, only waiting to be flushed down by a soothing cup of tea. This too feels like the best vacation ever.

Put your shades on. 

Welcome to Bryggeriets gymnasium – A three year vacation.