Lost Parts are a weird phenomenon. How do parts get lost? Well, I guess there isn’t one answer to this question but in the case of Ike and ShortyK it was because it was filmed with the most cherished MiniDV camera there is, the VX1000. While the aesthetic of the VX1000 is untouched to this day, it comes with the hassle of capturing from the actual tape the camera recorded on. Pretty much everything connected to the process of capturing went wrong for them. The story is long and difficult to explain but finally, they managed to dig the footage out and edit this part.

It’s is like an Ike Fromme Sponsor Me Tape he never needed to get sponsored.
So don’t get it twisted, this is old footage. Still, we think it is worth sharing with you.

Ike now rides for Skatedeluxe, adidas and Favorite Skateboards.

Filmed & Edited by Shorty K
Photo by Hendrik Herzmann