Most people, I would argue, have love-hate relationships with their home town. The spots are shitty, so many homies stopped skating, the scene changed. But at the end of the day, there’s no place like home. Ilja always wanted to film a part in his home town Wuppertal. He moved to Berlin years ago yet and had some really productive years after a foot injury knocked him out of the game for 2 years. But the mission remained on his bucket list. In the past months, he spent a lot of time with his Family in Wuppertal and made good use of this isolating time by finally attacking this project. Dennis Harwardt did not hesitate to document these home town sessions.

Talking about things we love about our home town, let Ilja run you though his Best of Wuppertal:

Best spot growing up

Best spot these days

Best spot to meet up

Best local you look(ed) up to
Michael Staschik, Tom Derichs

Best food spot
Mamas Kitchen

Best way to move around town
Schwebebahn 🚟 , Bike, Bus

Best local video or edit
Check out 42Gang WPT

Best thing most people don’t know about Wuppertal
City with the most stair sets in Germany.
Little San Francisco vibe

Best thing to do in the winter
Union miniramp!

Best thing to do in the summer
Skating with my homies!!
Feel good always!!!

Best lake/ swimming spot
Wuppertaler Talsperre

Best thing to do when you’re not skating

Best parties happen at
U-club back in the day!

Best reason to visit

Biggest legend in town
Rip . Patrick Möllers

Mosh it down
Mark Frölich

International Contest Hero
Sascha Ewest

Best skatepark ever build
Wicked woods!!!