Charge up on some Island Energy as Gabriel Fortunato, Kevin Baekkel, Marek Zaprazny and Jorge Simoes welcome Justin Sommer and Charlie Munro to the Monster team. Gran Canaria is always worth a trip. Stay tuned for Pocket Vol. 7 for more.

Filmed by Daniel Galli & Bennet Rahm
Edited by Daniel Galli
Photography & words by Thomas Bauman

The European winter leaves you with few options due to the weather, but Gran Canaria came to mind and everyone was super stoked. Islands are always special and a place like this can charge up the batteries before going back to winter wonderland. A while ago we went there for a week and could barely scratch the surface – just so many spots to skate there. We brought out Justin Sommer and Charles Munro to introduce them to the team, which for this trip meant Gabriel Fortunato, Marek Zaprazny, and Kevin Bækkel. Behind the lenses, we had Daniel Galli, Bennet Rahm, and myself.

Unfortunately, Charles got a heel bruise that kind of got worse over time, and the day after he couldn’t resist skating one of the spots, he ended up breaking his scaphoid and that was it for him. Similar for Kevin, who got hurt after that massive Boardslide. Besides the injuries, the trip was such a great time for everyone, with great food, great spots, great weather, and a lot of leche y leches. Sadly, our local homie Carlos Cardenosa that was supposed to help us out with spots could not make it, but Diego Cano stepped up showing us the best the island had to offer.