KULT DAYS by Dan Schulz

Skate plazas play an important roll in our culture. Not only can they be a great meet up spot but due to their architectual variety, they offer lots of different options for skateboards to express themselves. Name the most famous skate spots and chances are people will come up with plazas. Whether it being EMB, Macba, Love Park, Stalin or Pulaski Plaza, these places ended up writing history. In Germany, the one plaza that comes to mind first is Berlin’s Kulturforum. Since the early 90s, this spot helped to put Germany on the map. So many different options to go for. All kinds of stairs, ledges, rails, banks – you name it, the Kulturforum, or short “Kult”, has it. Berlin’s Dan Schulz is adding one to the spots rich history with his new video “KULT DAYS” – lean back, enjoy and book a flight to Berlin.

Featuring: Patrick Rogalski, Sascha Scharf, Molly, Nils Schlonz Rapp, Tobi Trautmann, Malte Spitz, Quirin Staudt, Kanya Spani, Brendan O’Brien, Pascal Reif, Ilja Judizki & Justin Sommer.

Filmed & Edited by Dan Schulz

Music by Mr. Dibbs