Depending on where you live on this beautiful ball spinning through the eternity of space you are more or less familiar with the shifts in daylight hours during different seasons. Basically, the more North or South you live, the bigger the difference between summer and winter daylight hours there are. I could now get lost explaining that this comes from the earth’s 23,44-degree Axial tilt but much rather share with you how MIDNIGHT SUN SKATE makes perfect use of the 24 hours of daylight this exact tilt provides them.

Save the date: June 28th- July 2nd.
Skate teams from all over the world are challenged to film unique clips for an edit that will contribute to the event’s main contest. During the festival week, participants will be taken on adventures around Tromsø city, and there will be challenges, skate school, jam sessions and a grand afterparty.

The festival takes place in Tromsø, where between 21 May and 21 July, the sun shines day and night. Imagine that – a single day lasting 1,600 hours!

We’ll be there and hope to see you, too!

Photography by: Mike Van Den Berg

Rewatch team IPA’s winning edit from last year w/ Per Christian Løvås, Vi Duc Truong,
Gabriel Bjørsvik and Didrik Galasso.