Hi Nataniel! Give us your full name, age and where you’re from.
Hi! My name is Nataniel Vetrovsky, I’m 15 years old and I’m from the Czech Republic, Prague

When did you start to film and why?
I started to film when I was 13, I always loved how skate videos looked and I wanted to do something like that too. My first camera was a Canon XM2, I filmed one edit with it and it broke after 2 days haha. A couple of months later my parents got me a VX2000 for my 14th birthday and that’s when it all started!

Pablo Rivera, Nataniel Vetrovsky, Zak Vetrovsky & Fanda Havranek

How long did you film for this project?
We started filming like 5 months ago. Funny thing is, that when we started we didn’t even know about Overtime, we got the idea to make a brand while filming this video.

What is “Overtime”?
Overtime is a brand we started with Kubo Spal a couple of months ago. The crew is, especially the young guns, from the Czech Republic. It was always my dream to have a brand! And I’m so happy how it turned out. First tees are out now and you can buy them via @overtime601 on Instagram.
I’m excited about the future of Overtime.What is “Overtime”?

What is your favorite trick in the video?
I love Alex’s line where he does an impossible to dirt and then boardslide a down ledge from the dirt, a very creative line.

We think it’s remarkable that you started a company at just 15 years of age and made multiple videos already. What gives you the drive to do all that?
I love everything about making videos! Almost every street session and every trip with the homies is a success and we all enjoy it so much! I’m always excited about making new projects and very grateful that people like my videos.

Fanda Havranek & Zak Vetrovsky

I guess you and your friends are still in school. How often do you skip a course because of skating?
Yeah, we are still in school. I don’t skip school, but I skipped almost every afternoon class this year because it ends late and then I got no time for skating, and our teacher doesn’t mind if I go there or not. But the summer break started just now! So we will have plenty of time to skate and film.

Any hobbies besides skating?
So, filming for sure, haha, but I don’t think there’s anything else, I mainly just skate and make videos, and that is all I need.

Pablo Rivera / Kickflip

I bet most of the skaters worldwide have heard of Prague. Which cities in the Czech Republic are also great for skating?
Pilsen, the skate scene, and DIY spots are really good there mainly because of @pessertive_crew. I also really like the spots of Budweis and Brno!

Got any projects going right now or in the future?
We were in Split, Croatia last week and we made a short video named “CEVAPCICI” so that is coming soon and I want to make a full-length video for Overtime, which we will start filming for now.

We wish you great luck with your upcoming projects and are hyped to hear from you soon. Out skating tomorrow?
Thank you so much! And yeah, we are leaving for Berlin for 3 days tomorrow to film, I’m excited and I hope we get some good clips!

That sounds sick! Have fun!