There is one important thing you need to film a part: a filmer. Of course you can film each other but usually, the result is the best when filmed by a person who devoted himself to the task. Flo Deger has been filming skateboarding in the Rhein-Main area of Germany for a long time now. While working a full-time job and taking care of his family, the only way to make it work was to go for a Sunday session. And this is basically how this part came about. Literally, every trick in there was filmed on a Sunday. This might even make this part holy in a way. To us it is as we cherish what Pierre Masek & Flo Deger put together out of the pure love for skateboarding. Enjoy!

Guest tricks: Matthias Ellinger, Fabian Michel, Marcel Reimer.
Titles by Fabian Michel
Filmed & edited: Flo Deger
Additional filming: Bennet Rahm
Photo: Johannes Schön