Yesterday we launched Pocket Vol. 3 at SKTWK in Düsseldorf.
This issue goes by the name of “NORTHBOUND” because it features 4 trips that all went North from their starting point. We had a photo exhibition of these trips but also more fun stuff.
You were able to get a fresh haircut at the Pocket Barber Shop all night. Of course, we limited the options to three legendary hairstyles.
In the backyard of the venue, there was a quarter/wallride jam going down. Just at the very end, we announced what the price would be: a skydiving jump!
Deo Katunga ended up winning the jam and can now look forward to some more air time!
Nothing ordinary about this evening and we are super hyped so many people came out.
Swipe through our gallery to relive the evening.

Pocket Vol. 3 will be available soon!