Pocket Digital Collection (Vol. 1-8)


Since most of our back issues are sold out and we keep getting requests about them, it only makes sense to offer digital versions for the collectors. Now people all over the world can easily view all of our books without waiting and paying pricy shipping costs – because books are HEAVY!

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Add the books to Apple books or your book reading app of choice and if you are on your computer just blast them up full screen and enjoy these crispy photos.
On top, this collection includes our special print projects like the 200-page SIDE MISSION Book about the Monster Euro Tour 2022.

What you get:

Pocket Vol. 1 

Pocket Vol. 2

Pocket Vol. 3

Pocket Vol. 4

Pocket Vol. 5

Pocket Vol. 6

Pocket Vol. 7

Pocket Vol. 8


Thank you for supporting us! It means a lot!


  • You’ll receive a Dropbox link with 9 PDF files. (Dropbox app might be needed to download on mobil devices).
  • To get the same look as on our product photos (if you on iOS) you’ll simple need to save the pdf files at your book library and make a own category named “Pocket Digital Collection” in Apple Books. A short DIY session and you’ll get the same look. If you want to use other apps to read our books digitally. Or enjoy them on a big screen. We are sure you will find a way to make it work even if it’s just opening the PDF file.
  • Our digital products can’t be uploaded and shared through any services without our permission.
  • Please let us know via if anything does not work as planned
  • We’re not responsible to any damages to your devices. Make sure you have enough storage left because all of these files will be around 1gb.
  • Don’t post any screenshots or photos without the photographers permit.
  • Digital Products. No refund possible!