Pump On This! How did you come up with that name?
The way I came up with the name for the vid, is from the beginning of Jesse Alba’s part from our last full length “Rat Poison” him my self and Mango are getting kicked out by this security guard and we were kinda messing with him, saying “can we get just one more pump” and we just kept trying to see if we could get him to say “pump” and then he says “No pumps on this!” and that’s where Pump On This came from haha.

Any reference to Chomp On This?
No real reference to Chomp On This, Chomp is seriously one of the best vids ever though! It would be sick to one-day make a full length with fimers and photographers too! Grant Yansura needs a full part!

How many tapes (if you don’t know roughly) have been filled filming for Pump On This?
I think we went through maybe around 139 tapes give or take.

How do you feel about full length videos in a time when people’s attention seems to be about 15 seconds?
That’s such a heavy topic, it’s insane how much social media is helping advertisements for brands and marketing your self but then at the same time just destroying full length videos and shorting everyone’s attention span and destroying people’s patience. And everyone expects everything thing for free. They get all this free media in their faces all day every second and then just expect everything to be free. So many people have already hit me up asking “When are you going to upload the video to youtube” all I do is respond with I work 3 different jobs while running SK8RATS at the same time, I hardly ever take a day off to my self and put my self in debt for this video and some people just want it for free, its such a crazy time we are living in :/ the skateboarding industry is already in such a weird place, who knows what the future holds.

Why did you decide to take the traditional route and put out a DVD these days?
Call me old fashion but I’m definitely trying to hold on to the glory days of skateboarding, and I’m just not fully down for the way social media is melting everyone’s minds. I swear in the near future it’s gonna get to the point where watching a 3-minute video is gonna be way too long for people and people will just click next. So hopefully keeping full-lengths going and keeping physical copies alive, will possibly make a difference for the better. And keep the skateboarding world’s attention span growing, not shortening.

Obviously, everybody is looking forward to every second of Cory footage they will get to see.
What can people expect? Will he have a full part?
Cory pumped out a full part indeed!

There have been a couple of weeks or even months between the accident, the trial and him taking on his sentence.
I imagine this being a very difficult time where you don’t really know what is going to happen.
Have you been with him in this time?
Did he feel like skating or even getting clips?
It was definitely a tricky time between the accident and before he went in. I live in LA and Cory lives in Washington so getting to film with him was far in between. I did manage to make some trips back to WA to spend as much time with Cory as possible and hit the streets with him. He is such an amazing person and so strong-minded. I’m glad we were able to get out and about and keep his mind busy and stay on the board. After going through something as traumatic as that, and being able to stay on your board and keep pushing, just shows how truly strong Cory is! Love that dude with all my heart!

We send a lot of love and support to Cory! In your interview on Thrasher I saw you listed an address for people to reach out to him.
Would love if we put this on here as well.
Most definitely, anyone out there that wants to send Cory some love and help him through this time of his life, you can mail him a letter or email him using the JPay app. With the app just punch in his ID number which is 410614

Cory Kennedy
PO Box 37
Littlerock, WA 98556

Back to the video: how can people get the video?
People can snag a copy of the vid at and we are working on hitting up as many shops as possible to get the video in a skate shop near you. Or if your local shop wants to carry the vid, have them email us at

Any possibility to buy it digital/stream it?
Currently right now just DVD.

Thank you Shane for doing this. All the best and thank you for all your passion and hard work that brings us these beautiful videos!
It’s all my pleasure! Thank you for helping spread the hype of SK8RATS!