Since last week already, all of Düsseldorf has been in the preparation for the upcoming sktwk. In order to take a look behind the scenes even before the actual kick-off day, we met up with Düsseldorf local and ALMAROS member Marcel Kühnemund to follow his day along and explore the city.
Swipe through our day in the gallery above.
We started around the central train station and skated through the old town all the way to the Rhine River. After our day, we caught up with Roberto Cuellar, who is well known for his skateable art. He was already in preparation for his skateable art event which will take place on Thursday at 4pm.
After our first day, we can assure you, the city is definitely alive.
Sunny days, good food, cold brews, an event filled week with lots of skateboarding is waiting for you.
With that being said, in case you’re not in Düsseldorf yet, you still got time to make it out to SKTWK.


The central train station might be the most OG spot Düsseldorf can offer. Known from tons of videos from back in the days we were stoked to kick off our SKTWK experience there. The perfect granite ledges are skate stopped and kind of killed its function as a local meet up, LOVE park-like, spot. Nevertheless, Marcel made it work and found himself a kicker to launch him about that trashcan. Kicker over trashcan never gets old, right?

When visiting Roberto, he was already in preparation for his skateable art event. Therefore, he put this kicker in front of the wall to take measurements. Marcel decided to put it to the test and quickly after he rolled away from this trick.
We called it a day, got some cold brews and mentally prepared ourselves for the upcoming days of fun, friendship and skating all day.
ROLL ON 5050
Marcel was super hyped about SKTWK. I mean, how couldn’t he be hyped? A skate event in your hometown that is spread out over the course of a week, with different kinds of contests so everyone will find what’s for him/her and great skateboard cultural related events around it. We totally get it. Skating through your city with old and new friends, finding new spots. That’s how this trick happened. Just passed by this spot, looked at it and went for it. Best feeling right there.


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