Text: Johannes Schoen
Photos: Johannes Schoen & Dennis Scholz

This weekend over 30 teams from all over Europe came together for SNIPES’ Squad Up event which was held no where else but at République in Paris.
Only the top 16 teams could enter the contest on Saturday so there was a qualification on Friday to determine who was going to make it.

Valentin Ott, Kickflip over the Eiffel Tower | Ph. Dennis Scholz

The qualifications were held in a rat race format. Every squad was handed a book full of challenges and whether they were funny stuff or hard tricks, everyone was going all in and seriously we all had a super good time.
At the end of the day we went to the SNIPES store, had some drinks and snacks to celebrated the awards and the top 16 teams to make it.

Justin Sommer, One Food Ollie Tail Grab | Ph. Dennis Scholz

Saturday had come and now it was time for the squads to square up and throw down. It was pretty epic having a contest at République and it took away the well known contest vibe some of us don’t like.

Vincent Millou, Fs Blunt | Ph. Dennis Scholz

The finals were insane and after two last battles the winners were determined:

1st: The Man Dem

2nd: Flatspot

3rd: La Mêche

THE MAN DEM, PH. Dennis Scholz

Zero points for Germany, haha!
Maybe next time. One thing is sure, we all had a phenomenal time in Paris- thank you SNIPES for making it happen!

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