Christoph Friedmann – Something in the Water

We have known Christoph Friedmann for over a decade and he has always been very good with his skateboard. Recently it seems things are falling in place for him and we are happy to do our share. Hamburg, what’s up with the manny tricks, there must be “Something in the Water”? Another great video from the beyond skateboarding talent-rich Stanley WE crew!


Whassup bro? You online?
Yo my dawgie! Leds go Magba!

Where are you right now? I suppose at home, in your bathtub, listening to Enya and chilling big time. Right? Haha, almost. I just had some fish dish I cooked & am now chilling hard on my red couch… you know which one 😉 So yes, I am at home.


Living classy my man. Speaking of your bathroom though – that’s where I found an old Monster (Skateboard Magazine) issue including a check out of yourself. There’s a Kenny Hopf quote about you in there saying “He’s the only dude wearing size 12 shoes and still skating stylish.” That’s 12 or 13 years ago, what changed since then? Yep, that’s right, I like to read skate mags while I sit on my toilet. Old ones & new ones too. That check-out is a nice memory! Since then a lot has changed I guess. I got older and wiser. Lived through some crazy twenties & broke some more bones in between. One thing still remains the same though: I love my skateboard & everything that comes with it. Maybe even more than when I shot this check-out in 2010. But my friends surrounding me are still the same. STANLEY WE 4, Life ye feel me?

“I took a little “techno detour” as I like to call it, and was putting more focus on DJing and partying. I was still skating a lot but for some reason wasn’t feeling it as much as before. Now I have for sure become more mature and see what is better for myself & my health.”

BANG BANG! Feel you. That’s a really sick crew you guys have there.
It’s pretty interesting that you’ve been around forever kinda, but I feel like now is the time that things are actually taking off for you. Growing up, becoming mature, how does that fit with becoming a better skateboarder?
I feel so, too. That’s probably where my motivation comes from right now. I had good support around the time of that checkout but then I took a little “techno detour” as I like to call it, and was putting more focus on DJing and partying. I was still skating a lot but for some reason wasn’t feeling it too as much as before. Now I have for sure become more mature and see what is better for myself & my health. Also since LOBBY is taking care of business in Hamburg all of my guys are getting more support. People get a chance to show themselves & what Hamburg has to offer. We got old dawgs killing it & new young guns styling their way through the city. Better keep an eye out for that new LOBBY edit. So a big THANK YOU to Philipp & one of my best friends for years Antonio at this point! They are Gs for giving Hamburg’s skate scene at second big-time spring!


It’s crazy how a skate shop can influence a whole city in such a positive way, and make it shine all over the country. I know Lobby is a lot of people’s favorite shop, although they’re not even from Hamburg (including myself!). They are killing it.

Techno detour sounds pretty fun though. I’m glad you’re back in the skate world though. But hey I’ll need the Sisyphos guest list plug as soon as the world is back at a normal stage! Bro you on my permanent GL 4 lifetime + 3 and drink vouchers of course.


❤️ Best deal of my life!
Besides finding the balance between DJing and skating, I noticed another important change. Why do you wear Dior & YSL like its Primark?
We definitely have to add that this is a rap line by Kalim, one of my favorite rappers coming from the neighborhood I live in. Man, to be honest, it’s just dope clothing. The fabric, the cut, the feeling when you wear it. They are on top because of their quality & that’s what I try to get from life. Friends like Nizan (Kasper) or Mahat Mahoni inspired me throughout the years. I feel like in the last years people in skateboarding have taken a lot of influence from these brands as well (DIME logo for example), so it goes hand in hand. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be influenced by the general hipster rocking a Prada bag while sipping on some whiskey sour 🥶😉


Kalim is the boss. HAMBURG OST!
I totally agree. Fresh clothing increases the fun so much. I think it’s sick to have the influence of these brands and combine a Prada shirt with a Clepto jacket for example.
The combination is key!
Clepto hooks it up real good too atm. I can order fresh stuff basically whenever & they got me covered for flights and stuff, too. I work very closely with Henning Tapper right now. We‘re on the phone daily & try to grow together. I would like to put some of my visual ideas into the company and support them with fresh content regularly. That’s my mood right now with life anyways: Try to grow & make stuff happen with the right people.


I think you’re at the right address with Henning for sure. Is there anybody who knows more people in Hamburg? He‘s pretty well-connected, that’s true. Also, he is hustling on a daily. Cool to see how a friendship can grow through the connection of skateboarding. He used to hate me back in the day because I was a little cheeky fellow. He is also super motivated to push people & talking about me he is something like a manager almost, haha. Tires to give me hints here and there. I always go my own route but it’s nice to have someone to talk to about these things. Big ups henning… you a G!

“Yes right now I have five kids that I give lessons to… one of the kids just did his first Kickflip after like five sessions we had together.”

And on the other hand, you’re also giving skate courses for kids, right? Is it all about giving back or are you just there to meet the hot moms? Haha, bruv… hot moms aren’t on my radar since I have a little baddie at home that I like to call my girlfriend… or Alice. Yes, right now I have five kids that I give lessons to. I’ve been working with kids for some time & combining my day job with skateboarding is a cool combination. I think I am a good motivator when it comes to other people’s skating & one of the kids just did his first Kickflip after like five sessions we had together. That was seriously crazy. I can’t remember my first Kickflip very well so reliving it like this was pretty dope!

Just kidding bro, you two are lovely. These little homies sound very talented, good stuff.
What’s the first big thing you really looking forward to finally do again when the world turns back to normal?
There are so many. Whiskey Sour with my friends in the corner we hang out, going to a PROPER rave with my favorite DJs playing, DJing myself, traveling without paying 250€ for a PCR Test, haha! Oh, and visiting my sister in Tel Aviv. She just got her second baby. I want to be a good uncle you know.

That sounds like a proper plan. Let’s get on a trip asap! I’ll visit Berlin very soon!


My G, thanks for the nice chat! That’s it from my side, anything else you’d like to put out there?
Thank you for this, my friend. Yes, I wanna give a major shoutout to Mark Baines for hooking it up with NB# and also for the big support he gave me through the last weeks with this project. Also Maxi & Oli from Beast Distribution for hooking me up with fresh Alltimers stuff on the regular. Big thank you to Benny Vogel for helping me with the edit. Alisa Tsybina for drawing the animations & to Lars Zimmermann who put the animations to life in this part. And thank you to Pocket Skatemag for screening all of this on their platform. I do this shit for the love & getting a positive resonance is basically all that really matters.
Peace out Gs! ❤️

Lovely, very sure you will get a lot of positivity back. Thanks Bro! ❤️