Tallys Jr. – MKD Part

Tallys Jr. is without a doubt one of our favorite upcomers and we are sure you will hear a lot more of him in the future. Some of you might remember him from the end segment of Ant Claravall’s ‘Usual Suspects’ where he clearly left an impact according to the comment section and we are stoked to bring you more of him just a couple of weeks after. Btw: that switch Nosegrind at 1:40 is his dad, also going by the name of Tallys. Now you know why he’s Tallys Jr.! Enjoy this beautiful work for MKD by Daniel Galli and make sure to keep scrolling to read Tallys’ interview and flip through their zine

Guest tricks: His dad Tallys Marcos, Thaynan Costa, Lucas Marques,
Alex Rorigues, Everton Franca & Santiago Valduga.

Filmed & Edited by Daniel Galli
Additional filming by Gabriel Mafra, Daniel Black,
Rodrigo de Andrade & Felipe de Carvalho
Arwork by Marcos Risso & Rafa Lobo

Photography by Eduardo Gonçalves, Ando & burny
Interview by Gabriel Mafra

My G! How are you?
Good to see you, where are you right now and what have you been up to? My guess is somewhere in Barci drinking a cider and eating a Poncho’s Pie, haha!

You got me I just finished eating one more, haha! I doing well my brother, working on a lot of projects right now here in Barcelona, and trying to settle my Spanish documents, step by step everything’s going well!

Happy to hear that! We miss you here in Lisbon,
your days here were the best, a lot of good memories. I remember the first time we met when Galli brought you to Cyber (Cybercafé Skateshop) the day you arrived here, I didn’t even believe it when you told me you are only 17 years old. Let’s talk more about your time in Lisbon but first I just would like to ask you about your path, where were you born, how you ended up in Barcelona and how this has affected the way you skate
It’s funny because people see me and don’t believe how old I am, I just turned 18 now and for me to see how more responsibilities come with adulthood is impressive, haha! Certainly, life is teaching me every day. I come from Passos, a small city in the countryside of MG, Brasil, but I lived most of my life in Ribeirão Preto, the city where MKD came from. Living in Barcelona was something I always wanted to do and in 2018 I saw a lot of friends going there which made me realize that it was possible even without a lot of money. MKD made a contest with 3 stages at the end of 2018 where the prize was a flight ticket to Barcelona, and fortunately, I won it. When I arrived I had the help of Felipe de Carvalho (Casa Plena Vive) who let us stay a month in his house for free. Besides that, he also gave us a good understanding of how to stay in the city and live this dream to the fullest, so Casa Plena Vive is a big support to everything that has happened to me since moving to Europe. Living in Barcelona has been a big influence on the way I skate and see skateboarding. Being in the streets every day, filming at euro spots is like a dream.

Varial flip transfer by Ando

Dope, a lot of history involved, living in BCN has been a dream of a lot of Brazilian skaters since forever, but what brought you to Lisbon. Was that the first time you left Barcelona since you arrived in Europe?Early 2020, when Covid first emerged, I was with Thaynan in Barcelona and he was always telling us that Lisbon is the dopest place and that we should go there. That it has a lot of unexplored spots to skate, and only one year after, I had the chance to go there, and yes was my first trip outside Spain since I arrive in Barcelona in 2019! I went to stay 2 weeks, I even had my return ticket, and I ended up staying almost 2 months, I had the best time, the people I met and the experiences were amazing true energy ❤️‍🔥

How long did it take to finish the video? And why did the video stay on hold all this time?
We had a problem with the video’s music. In the same week that we were going to drop it here on Pocket, someone dropped a video part with the same song, and he’s Brazilian, too, haha! But that actually helped us achieve the cherry on top after I came back to Lisbon to fully finish the part as me and Galli wanted! But the part was fully filmed in one month and a half. There are only 2 tricks that I filmed on my last trip, the second-last one and the bs heelflip at Mike Carroll’s spot, S/O Mike.

Is it true that your dad has a trick in the video?
Haha yes, my dad is the OG, full respect, I think he’s been skating for 20 years or more.

What’s your relationship with MKD?
I simply started skating with them, from the beginning before the store, just doing what we love. It’s like a family to me. And to go there these days and see them working all day, selling skate products, and going to the post offices, doing what they love, just gives me more strength to keep going! They are my biggest inspiration both skate and friendship-wise! And this project brings me the same energy and friendship that MKD did and they agreed on that idea and connection, even after I left Brasil and moved to Europe. MKDLIFE

Kickflip bs nosebluntslide by burny

Why “Behind the Wall”? What was that about?
Behind the wall comes from the idea of hiding all the work that going to Lisbon took despite not having my paperwork done yet. I still believed in the dream, and in moving forward, doing it for love, which is our ideology in one of the first logos that MKD did: A wall with eyes that see the light! I also brought this idea to zines that we did. We only did a few but it was really symbolic of our culture!

Even though Galli did most of the filming and the editing, I’m aware that this project has involved lots of people, with the artwork, zine, and premieres. Can you tell a bit more about the people involved and who helped this project to come true?
Rafa Lobo and Marcos Risso were the ones that helped the most with the artwork of the video to try to transmit and express the idea I had in their own way. Also, I have to mention you (Gabriel Mafra), Daniel Black, Eduardo Gonçalves, that helped with additional footage and pictures, Cybercafé and AlCarrer for providing a space for the Premiere… it’s so many names. I don’t have words to describe how thankful I’m for all those good souls that help this project. The universe guides us to the right and the best things when we vibrate at this same frequency, I think everything happens the way it was meant to be.


Bs flip by Ando

Will you drop the version of the video director cut exclusive in the premiere that played at cyber with the song “Cavalo de Tróia” at any time?
Haha, online in the deep web, or even better, never!

Besides MKD, do you got other sponsors?
Casa plena vive, NB Numeric, Crupie wheels, Ace trucks, UMA and Dicrows.

What comes after this? Have you been working on other projects?
“Labirinto” is the full project that I’ve been working on the most since getting to Europe, that will probably come out this year and it’s an independent project that comes from the heart. I’ve been working on it since Brasil, it’s a project from my brother from another mother Bruno Rocha, he’s one of my biggest connections inside and outside of skate. Besides that, there’s also some MKD stuff coming. Contents 2 and also the project from CP Vive is coming out soon. This is the project I’m doing with my dad, he is still filming and editing. We are getting clips, and we keep moving forward, collectivism move us!

By Ando

This sounds great! Can’t wait to see how these projects came up and everything you will achieve. It has been a pleasure talking to you. Looking forward to skating with you again. Do you have anything to add?
I would like to thank my Mom and my Dad, Thaynan family, Mafra’s family, Cybercafé Skateshop, Casa Plena Vive, Marcos Risso, Rafael Lobo, Eduardo Gonçalves, Lui Apparato, MC, Naty, MKD Fam, Ant Claravall, NB Numeric, RP, Phil, Daniel Black, Daniel Galli and all the people outside, the real ones know.