Get ready for exciting events in Cologne (15-17 July) and Berlin (2-4 September)

This year in full festival mode with even more skateboarding, DIY workshops, art and lots of loco sessions.

This year, the FLINTA event will be upgraded to another level: With official partners such as Skatesencia from Berlin, the Girls Rule Project from Munich as well as Curare Skateboarding and Girls Shred, we have first-class allies when it comes to art, culture and social commitment among the two events in summer.

With the support of Vans, there are open and chill girls sessions with free skate coaching in the street, bowl and miniramp areas at the two skate parks North Brigade in Cologne and the Skatehalle Berlin. The program will be expanded accordingly with the upgrade:

There are joint museum and skate park visits, large art spaces with skate park painting sessions, guided discussion and creative workshops, video evenings and, at the end, a small “Team Chaos Jam”. Everything is possible, as always, the focus is on creativity and exchange between FLINTAs. The sporting part is reserved for the FLINTAs, everything else is inclusive and everyone is welcome!

Supported by Girls Shred and numerous sponsors of the Girls Rule Project, there is the “Call a buddy’s first stick” session: Together with your friends we will help you to learn new tricks. Pick a local BFF or skate buddy, tell our coach which trick you both want to learn, skate, have fun, and win some fresh Vans stuff too.

There are also great DIY workshops for everyone in the park! Help beautify the park, create a new chain with meaningful statements, embellish vintage clothing with our patches – families are welcome too. And: The best “Team Chaos Outfit” wins a special prize! All workshops are free and in cooperation with our partners Skatesencia, Curare Skateboards, Girls Rule Project.

Pack your old white t-shirts, pants, denim jackets, etc.! We give your clothes a stylish update in the “Off The Wall Look”.

Be on time as we have limited capacity. Please register for the coaching sessions and workshops at the entrance.