Zion Wright’s Vans ZAHBA Release in NYC

Our good friends at Vans brought us out to New York City for the release of Zion’s Zahba colorway. We all met at the Vans Skate Space 198 in Brooklyn and got to test the shoes ourselves and skate this very fun indoor park. The Zahba is super comforable and it did not need any breaking in, which made it easy for us to get the most out of the time we had the park to ourselves before more and more people came to skate together and celebrate Zion.

Great session, food and music while seeing old friends and making new ones.
Thank you Vans for having us and providing us with a great experience!
Zion’s Zahba colorway is now out, check your local skate shop and try it on for yourself, you’ll see.

While you are at it make sure to watch his beautiful video piece Vans made on Zion: