Every Sunday: Les Amis

Filming skateboard edits while working full-time and being a dad is no joke. All you’ve got to make it work are the weekends. In Flo Deger’s case “Every Sunday”. After we premiered Pierre Masek’s Every Sunday Part last July, Flo is finally ready to drop the remaining footage of these Sunday sessions.
Good crew vibes from the Rhein-Main area coming for you – enjoy!

Feat.: Fabian Michel, Matthias Ellinger, Pierre Masek, Nikita Weltman, Marcel Reimer, Johannes Schön, Fürchtegott, Sean Justus, Paul Conradi, Tom Bischoff, Kert Hollywood, Kai Schäufele, Kerem Elver, Efe Elver, Niklas Speer von Cappeln.
Video by Flo Deger